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Motorola E1000

Motorola E1000
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Retail Price: RM 899
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By Hoong Ji

Finally have the time to play with this baby. Tested all the features and here is my review.

This phone is superbly and stylishly designed. One of the best looking 3G phones I have seen so far. Surprisingly, it is not big for a 3G phone. Compared to SE Z1010 and V800, this one is so much sleeker and smaller. Its size is just slightly wider than the E398 while maintaining almost the same length. But don,t be fooled by its size. This phone packed a HUGE 256k TFT LCD display (240x320pixels). Apart from Sharp 902, the biggest LCD being offered on the 3G phone so far.

Some people might complain about the odd joystick placement and claim to have difficulties using it. But you never know until you actually use it. The placement is perfect with no obstruction to the other keys. The joystick is built sturdy and firm. The only complain will be on the odd placement of answer/hang up buttons on the side of the phone. Users need to have some time to familiarize with it.

LCD display
With 256k TFT huge LCD, what else can you ask for in this perfect video viewing phone? The pixels are so fine that you can hardly see the dots. The display rendered on the screen is very smooth due to this reason. And with its huge display, this gives another advantage in video viewing. Users can choose to view the video in FULL SCREEN landscape size, utilizing the whole screen or can also switch back to the conventional horizontal but smaller screen size.

The LCD displays absolutely sharp and vivid pictures. This is due to the fact that all newer Motorola phones integrate an advanced ATI graphics chip on board. The display is the best that you can get out there in the market. Only Sharp phones can match or beat the quality. Both Motorola and Sharp phones have been reckoned to be the best in LCD display by review sites all over the world.

Multimedia + MP3 playback + speaker quality
Since the E398, Motorola has never stopped surprising us with their advanced multimedia capable phones. This phone has an advanced feature called the "Spatial Audio". By turning it on, this baby churns out not only stereo sound, but also 3D surround sound. I,m not kidding here. You have to listen to experience it. I was also surprised when I first hear the playback. Totally blows the E398 out of the picture. The speaker churns out clear and crisp sound. One thing I want to complain is the lack of bass in the speaker. But everything is different when you plug in the stereo headphones. The phone works exactly like an MP3 player. Superb sound! Further more, this phone can set FULL length MP3 or midi as ring tone as well as SMS tone.

Menus + Call Features + Apps
This phone is using the all new Motorola,s own propriety UI called the Synergy. The menu has improved by leaps and bounds since the pre-E398 era. It is using the 2nd generation UI, being perfected from the E398,s UI. It still has some slight similarities to the E398,s UI, but with much more refined icons, animations and some extra icons/menus. The response is lightning fast with no lag at all.

This phone packs with standard apps like the Calendar, Calculator, Reminder, Notes and Alarms. The phonebook is the most advanced Iíve seen. You can set personal picture ID and ring tone to every person in your contact list. Apart from that, it lets you store extra information like the birth date, address, emails. Making calls are pretty much the same and standard as all other phones. When connected, you have many other options to play with. The most notable ones are the hands free loudspeaker and a shortcut that lets you access phonebook so you can search up phone numbers during a call. This is a very useful feature as you can hold the person and search the numbers.

Camera + Video Cam + Flash
This 3G phone has 2 cameras. The 1.2MP rear camera can take pictures up to the size of 1280x960 pixels. The front camera has less resolution and used primarily for 3G video conferencing. To my surprise, both the cameras can be used to take pictures as well as videos.

For camera mode, users can zoom up to 8x while video cam allows zooming up to 2x. I would say this is not the best megapixels phone. Pictures taken is lower quality compared to pictures taken from Samsung D500 and SE S700. This is because the phone only uses normal CMOS sensor as compared to the matrix CMOS for Samsung and CCD for S700.

The flash is blindingly bright. Itís so bright that it hurt my eyes even when I stare from 1 meter away. This is the brightest flash I have seen on a phone. The only phone which may beat this is the SE v800 which has 6-leds. We will wait for the showdown results when I have the chance to pair up these 2 phones.

The megapixel cam is not performing up to the expectation. This phone is only good for outdoor pictures or in complete darkness whereby we can utilize the powerful flash.

Bluetooth connectivity
BT works flawlessly, connecting to any devices from PC to other phones with no problems. File transfer speed is very fast indeed.

Battery life is short. Only able to lasts for one and a half day with heavy usage and Bluetooth on. Without Bluetooth on, surprisingly the battery can last for two and a half days.

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Photo Gallery
Motorola E1000 photo 1
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Posted On : June 3, 2010
cm ne ae nk fomat blik ncet ne..
nk on9 3g kne gne psword..
aq x thu psword nye..

t0l0ng au..
mcg aq je..

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