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Nokia 7210

Nokia 7210
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The Nokia 7210 represents the ultimate in style, combining the best of design and technology. The first things to catch your eye are the daring design, high-resolution color display, a radical new keypad with 4-way scroll, back cover with an oval decoration, and the latest Xpress-on™ color covers. And with exciting new features such as Java™ technology, polyphonic ringing tones, multimedia messaging and tri-band global network coverage, the Nokia 7210 has as much going for it on the inside as it does on the outside. Offering color images and stereo sound combined with a striking exterior, it illustrates the latest synergy of mobile fashion and cutting-edge technology. The new Nokia 7210. Heads will turn.

Key Features Heads Will Turn
The Nokia 7210 is a feast for the senses, with a design like no other. The radical new keypad layout breaks all the rules, and the versatile four-way scroll makes navigating the high-resolution color display a pleasure. Choose from one of six Xpress-on™ covers in the season´s most sought-after colors and adorned with a distinctive oval design. And Club Nokia offers a selection of full color wallpapers to distinguish your phone from the crowd. More than just a phone, the Nokia 7210 is an essential fashion accessory.

Stylish Sounds
The Nokia 7210 comes with an array of attractive audio features including polyphonic sound and integrated stereo FM radio. Polyphonic tones are played through a speaker rather than an ordinary buzzer, which means that you get vastly improved sound quality for melodious ringing tones, message alerts, and gaming effects. And with the stereo FM radio with handsfree speaker, you can browse on WAP, play games, write messages, or use the phonebook and enjoy the high-quality radio at the same time.

A True Jetsetter
Stay connected whether you´re jetting to San Francisco or Sydney. This tri-band world phone chooses the best GSM network automatically in three networks (GSM 900 /1800/1900) and gives you coverage on five continents. And wherever the Nokia 7210 works, you can make it work in ways you never thought possible for a mobile phone. The Nokia 7210 supports downloadable Java™ applications, so you can enhance your phone´s functionality with applications you need, such as a world clock, a currency converter, a bilingual dictionary, and others.

Make a Connection
Stay in touch and in the know with Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and WAP over GPRS. MMS is the next step in the evolution of messaging, enhancing the existing text messaging service by adding graphics and sounds. And the Nokia 7210 supports GPRS, providing you with instant access to mobile Internet services. Check out a restaurant guide or book a flight when you´re on the go. Get the latest news from the world of fashion or see what´s on at the local cinema. With WAP over GPRS, services are not only faster but also more economical, since you only pay for the information you send and receive.

Pop-Port Interface
The Nokia 7210 phone is also the first Nokia phone with a Pop-Port™ interface connector. The Nokia Pop-Port™ connector will be a primary interface connector in future Nokia phones. It has been designed for the mobile environment and supports advanced functionalities, such as digital accessory identification, stereo audio or fast data connectivity. Pop-Port™ will significantly expand the choice of innovative and appealing accessories for Nokia 7210

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Photo Gallery
Nokia 7210 photo 1
Nokia 7210 photo 2
Nokia 7210 photo 3
Nokia 7210 photo 4
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