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Samsung Ch@t 322

Samsung Ch@t 322
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Retail Price: RM 259
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Samsung Electronics, a global leader in mobile industry, today announced the Samsung Ch@t 322 mobile phone; the ideal solution for those looking for a device to manage their social life and, if necessary, their work life as well.

"This groundbreaking combination of dual SIM cards and QWERTY keyboard represents a milestone in mobile usability, as it offers users an unprecedented level of freedom and control. The Samsung Ch@t 322 is the ultimate choice for those with busy social lives who need to balance that with work commitments" said JK Shin, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics.

The Samsung Ch@t 322 is a mobile phone that delivers ultimate convenience for users on the go. Whether needed for business or pleasure, the dual SIM cards allow for a convenient and economic user experience while the intuitive interface makes the phone incredible easy to use. With the Samsung Ch@t 322 users can manage all aspects of their life - be it work, home or play.

DUOS Dual SIM cards offer the user an unprecedented level of flexibility. A dedicated key offers convenient access to either card, with the user able to access to two separate phone numbers on the same device - they are able to make calls under the optimal call plan or coverage available whilst separating their private and work lives if necessary.

The intelligent, innovative and intuitive optical trackpad works in tandem with the QWERTY keyboard for a comprehensive and convenient all-round user experience. Using the features on the phone is quick and easy with shortcuts on the QWERTY keyboard allowing for quick menu access, while shortcuts have also been built in to assist the typing process - simplifying web and email input, traditionally one of the more troublesome areas of phone usage. Users can also enjoy an always-connected social life with full, round-the-clock access to their favourite social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, with a range of multimedia options. Shortcuts to Facebook and Twitter are available on the Smart Home screen allowing users to be instantly and conveniently connected with their social groups.

Furthermore, the 'smart home' toolbar provides the automatic updates of Facebook and Twitter. The pre-installed instant messengers such as MSN, Yahoo, Google talk enable users to chat with their buddies at anytime, at anywhere. With Bluetooth Messenger, users can enjoy chatting for free. The Auto Pull Email feature offers a push-like email experience, removing the need for users to frequently check their emails; instead, the device will simply let them know when they have received an email, saving time and patience.

The enhanced interface and DUOS UX allows the user to assign tasks on their home screen for easy and quick access to the information and functions that they need. The device is also equipped with a 1.3 Megapixel camera while the USB 2.0 connection enables fast file transfers between devices. The Samsung Ch@t 322 will be launched initially in Russia in November and roll out to CIS, Southeast Asia, India, China, Middle East, and Africa.

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Posted On : October 2, 2011 jgk gn tpon skrg da cheap la smlm@1/10/2011 rm199 + rm35 mmry card k la...wane white lg comel gn sim 2 x yah byak2 tpon gn Dlm iklan metro 23/9 ari 2 kuar...gombira ht....
Posted On : July 21, 2011
bagus.. boleh sms free guna bluetooth chat. dia punya optical trackpad laju (so smooth). bagus drp beli hanset china dual sim. yg ni warranty 1 tahun. leh install games. ringan dan menawan mcm bissnes phone. rm 290 + mmry crd 2gig. earphone bleh guna jnis mana2 phone aslkan 3.5mm audio jack
Posted On : June 10, 2011
hyee kawan2...i ingin nak beli hp nie...apa pendapata anda?

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