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Samsung SGH D500C

Samsung SGH D500C
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Retail Price: RM 830
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More and more Samsung models come in slider form: these include SGH-D410, SGH-E800, SGH-E630 and business-class phone SGH-D500 that we,re going to review. But in our opinion, it can,t be called pure business-class phone. Because of its style it perfectly fits both businessmen and those, who look for style in phone first.


Phone,s size is 93.5 x 45.7 x 23 mm and it weighs 90 grams. Phone is comfortable to use in both opened and closed modes. Phone,s case is made of two types of plastic: matted and glossy. 1.3 megapixel Camera is traditionally placed on the back side of the phone. In the closed mode it is covered, so it is protected from scratches and other possible damage when not used.

SGH-D500 is equipped with 262 144 colors TFT display. It isn,t necessary to talk a lot about Samsung phones, display, because their quality is the highest on the current phone market. All colors are visible really well in all conditions.

Phone,s speaker is placed above display. D500 has only one speaker, which is responsible for playing polyphonic ringtones and for voice of talker in both simple and loud talk modes. Quality of all sound, produced by this speaker, is quite high. Phone is also equipped with vibrocall, which is also powerful enough.

Phone also comes with one quite an interesting accessory: additional speaker. It can be attached to phone,s right side and used instead of main speaker. Additional speaker is much more powerful than the main and it allows listening for MP3 files in much higher quality and louder.

Samsung SGH-D500 reviewOn the right side phone also has button for quickly launching the camera application and on the left there are buttons for controlling sound volume and infrared port. On the bottom phone traditionally has port for connecting a charger. Charger is covered with plastic cover, which unfortunately, can be easily lost during intensive usage of the phone.

Phone,s control buttons are located below display. They include 4-way navigation key, button for quickly launching the internet browser, 2 context keys, buttons for answering/rejecting a call and a "Cancel" button. If you don,t need to enter phone number or type a message, you can perfectly use phone in closed mode using only these buttons.

Digit keyboard is hidden in closed mode. When phone is opened, it elegantly slides out. Buttons are really comfortable to use in both, typing phone numbers or text messages. Whole keyboard is backlighted in white. The backlight is bright enough to see buttons in the dark, but is not very intense.

On the back side of the phone we can see a button, which detaches a battery. SGH-D500 is equipped with Li-Polymer battery with the capacity of 800 mAh. According to official characteristics, it allows up to 300 hours in stand-by mode and up to 6 hours 30 minutes in talk mode. Practically phone was working about 2 days actively using all of its main functions (including Bluetooth, GPRS and camera).

Slot for SIM card is traditionally located under the battery.

Functionality and interface

D500,s interface is similar to other Samsung phones. In stand-by mode you can traditionally see time, date, name of mobile operator (which can be removed from the display if you like), signal strength, capacity of the battery and titles for the context keys. Any picture or taken photo can be used as a wallpaper. Phone also has a screensaver, which is a digital clock.

Phone,s main menu is a 3x3 grid with animated icons in it. Submenu items are simple text lists. Quick menu navigation using digit buttons traditionally works in D500 too. Let’s explore main menu items a bit.

Call records. Everything is common here: you can view latest dialed, received and missed calls and their duration. Nothing special can be found here.

Phonebook. D500 is able to store up to 1000 contacts. Each phonebook entry can contain such info as phone, mobile phone, address, email, etc. A photo can also be attached to each entry. Contacts can be divided into caller groups, which D500 has 3 by default. Of course, a user has an ability to create additional groups if it is necessary. Contacts from SIM-card can be displayed in one list with contacts from phone,s memory, but because phone can store up to 1000 entries, it won’t be needed to enter numbers to SIM-card. As in most phones, digit buttons from 2 to 9 can work as quick dial buttons for the most important numbers.

Samsung SGH-D500 reviewApplications. D500 these applications: Java world, MP3 player, Voice recorder, World time, Alarm, Calculator, Converter, Timer and Stopwatch. Phone has 4 MB for Java applications. Overall phone is equipped with 90 MB of memory, but unfortunately, not all memory is dynamic, so you can use only 4 MB for Java.

MP3 player is simple, but good enough. It has simple graphic equalizer, control buttons and that’s all. Sound of MP3 files is produced quite well. An alarm clock has 3 types of alarm. Excluding various measures, application is capable of converting currency. Other applications are really simple and there’s no need to talk about them.

Browser. D500 supports GPRS and EGDE (not support by D500c) data transfer and is equipped with WAP 2.0 browser. Everything is common here.

Messages. D500 support SMS, MMS and email messaging. Messaging has templates, T9 dictionary, etc. Each type of messages has its own inbox, outbox, drafts and other common folders. Email client supports POP3/SMTP and can be used with several email accounts. Voice mail, which can also be accessed using "1" digit button in stand-by mode, is also in "Messaging" menu.

Funbox is some kind of file manager. It displays all content in phone,s memory and provides info on free and used memory. "Memory status" menu item can show you not only how much free memory you have, but also how you use your memory (how much memory if used for images, videos, music, etc.).

Organizer is simple in D500. It supports monthly, weekly and daily view and can store up to 400 entries.

Camera. As we,ve mentioned before, phone,s equipped with 1.3 megapixel camera. As in most phones, it can take photo and video shots. Photos can be taken in 6 rezolutions: from largest 1280 x 1024 pixels to smallest 128 x 96 pixels. 3 types of quality can also be selected. Camera application also allows adjusting various settings, such as auto-shot, series of shots (6, 9 or 15 shots) and effects, such as grayscale, sephia, etc. Camera is also equipped with flash, so it allows taking shots in the dark.

SGH-D500 also allows taking video shots. Videos are saved in 3GP format and in one of three resolutions: from 160 x 120 to 128 x 96. Unfortunately, as in most phones with video recording capability, the quality is quite bad.

Connectivity. SGH-D500 supports IrDA and Bluetooth connectivity. We tried connecting D500 with Nokia Bluetooth headset and everything was working fine. We also tried connecting it with a PDA via IrDA and Bluetooth and transferring various files to and from phone. Everything was working fine too.


Phone comes equipped with the following accessories: battery, charger, additional speaker, headphones and a thong.

In our opinion, D500 doesn,t have any serious disadvantages. Quality of the sound during the conversation was great for both talkers. It is also equipped with really high quality display, high quality polyphonic ringtones, 90 MB (!) of memory, 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and IrDA ports. All those features make SGH-D500 one of the best business-class phones on the market.

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