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Samsung SGH D900i

Samsung SGH D900i
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Retail Price: RM 555
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For users who enjoy cutting-edge style and superior performance, this ultra slim quad-band GPRS/EDGE slide-up features a complete line of functions geared for both work and fun. Portable, durable and measuring a stunningly slim 12.9 mm, this sexy slide-up offers 60 MB of embedded memory and additional microSD external memory for virtually unlimited storage of your files. Also enjoy specialized user interface features to make navigating the phone a lot easier. All this, along with the classy finish, put the Ultra Edition 12.9 at the top of the class!

Ultra Slim Design
Made of curvaceous lines, beveled cuts and meticulous finishing, the Ultra Edition 12.9 measures at 103.5x51x12.9 mm and weighs a mere 85 grams, truly setting it apart from the competition as the world’s slimmest slide-up with a 3 Megapixel camera. From the front, the powerful slide-up showcases a large screen and comfortable keypad, but turn it to the side and the mobile reveals a profile that is amazingly slim. Using Samsung’s innovative Smart Surface Mounting Technology (SSMT), this mobile is able to compress the most advanced features in the super slim form.

Capturing life’s special moments is a snap with the embedded 3.13 Megapixel camera. Outfitted with auto focus, flash, 4x digital zoom, and a mirror for self-portraits, your pictures will always come out looking great. Further enabled by a timer, multi shot, and other photo effects, this mobile phone eliminates a need for a separate digital camera.

Video Recording
Preserve your memories for eternity with the Ultra Edition 12.9’s video camera. Recording in 352x288 recording resolution with voice, and at 15 frame rates per second, this camera is compatible with H.263 and MPEG4 video formats. Now you can easily keep your precious memories frozen in time.

uPlus Interface
Samsung introduces a new and expanded interface system offering users the ultimate in convenience. Ranging from uGo to uTrack and uMenu, these new interfaces offer a user-friendly navigation experience.

Jointly developed by Samsung and Adobe, uGo is an adaptive user interface that automatically responds to the user’s environments. The main screen will display a landmark picture of the city you are located in, even adjusting the picture to the time of day or night, with added fun graphics and animation alerting you of missed phone calls and other information.

This function significantly increases your chances of recovering a lost or stolen phone by sending an SMS message to a pre-designated number to alert you of when your mobile’s SIM card is changed as well as its location. This helpful feature enables you to keep track of your mobile, even when it is no longer in your possession.

Users can create a personalized menu of shortcuts to frequently-used features for ultra convenience. Directly access your favorite functions without having to navigate through numerous menu screens. Time saving and convenient, My Menu puts you in control of your mobile.

Black & White GUI
The new graphic user interface offers a sophisticated view when accessing the phone’s menu. Only the selected item on the menu will appear in vibrant colors; the rest of the menu will remain in black and white tones. This simple and intuitive user interface adds a deliberate splash of color when necessary to create a dramatic effect that is refined and elegant, not to mention a delight to navigate.

Vivid Message
Because you don’t just send a message, you do it with style. Jazz up your SMS with vivid graphics in eye-popping color and whimsical designs. With Vivid Message, certain keywords will translate into fun graphics that will pop onto the screen for a text message that truly comes alive. In addition, add a large database of images, animation, and melodies to your messages. Fun to use and even more fun to receive, Vivid 3D adds a new dimension to your messages.

A stunningly large 2.12” 262K QVGA display is the perfect medium for accessing the mobile’s contents. Large enough for 13 lines of text, this display features text, photo, and video Caller ID.

Playing MP3, AAC, AAC+, and e-AAC+ audio files, the Ultra Edition 12.9 is able to play all your favorite tunes with just a click of a button. Enjoy musical entertainment on the go. All you need is your mobile.

Digital Power Amp
Digital Power Amp offers higher audio signal amplification and greater audio output, to deliver outstanding sound quality. Enjoy pumped-up sound when listening to your personal library of songs.

MP3 Background playing
Stay entertained while you’re working. Your music player will continue to play your favorite tunes, providing ambient background music while you access the phone’s other great features. Multi-task to a mobile soundtrack.

Just because you’re out of the office doesn’t mean you have to be out of touch. Bluetooth 2.0 and High-Speed USB provide faster data rates, offering full connectivity options, including mobile printing via PictBridge or BPP. In addition, Bluetooth’s wireless technology enables you to enjoy your music through stereo headsets.

Mobile Printing
With USB and Bluetooth, getting a tangible copy of all your photos, messages, and PIM files is easier than ever.

Micro SD
Unleash the power of your mobile’s features with upgradeable memory via Micro SD. The phone’s slim and compact size conceals a more than ample 60 MB of built-in memory in addition to the virtually unlimited capacity of the microSD slot.

An indispensable tool for business conferences or presentations, TV-Output enables the mobile’s contents to be easily exhibited on any TV screen.

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Samsung SGH D900i preview
Time: 2:45
Photo Gallery
Samsung SGH D900i photo 1
Samsung SGH D900i photo 2
Top Videos
Samsung SGH D900i preview
Time: 2:45
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User Comment
Posted On : January 13, 2009
If any1 found any samsung d900i in metallic silver and hv the code 354890019177209. I lost my this phone when 2009 countdown at sungai wang.

My phone has some specialities:
- Fm radio cant use
- Java world wif lots programs

If any1 found some1 selling d900i without accesserios n box, pks inform me.. rm 100 ll be given as a reward.
Posted On : September 9, 2008
I have this model of cell phone. I liked almost every functions that this set posses but unfortunately I cannot download themes for it.
Posted On : June 5, 2008
I see 8 reviews, most of them negative and the phone is getting four stars. What's wrong with this picture?

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