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Samsung SGH E370

Samsung SGH E370
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Retail Price: RM 470
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Get into the groove when youre out and about and enjoy the ultimate music experience with the T-Mobile World Cup Samsung SGH E370. Play not only MP3, but AAC and AAC+ formats, giving you extra flexibility and compression. Or why not make shooting movies in MPEG-4 format your favourite pastime? With the E370 at hand, you have ultimate multimedia entertainment at your fingertips.

Colour Madness
The introduction of colour screens has greatly improved mobile phone displays. The T-Mobile Samsung E370 uses a remarkable high-resolution 65k colour display. You can send and receive colour pictures, or even save your own colour images as a back ground wallpaper.

Built-in Digital Camera
Digital Imagery is the way forward. With the T-Mobile World Cup Samsung E370 you can be apart of this ever growing technology. The E370 supports a brilliant 1.3 mega-pixel digital camera with a digital zoom. You can capture all those special moments and save them on your handsets internal memory.

Sounds amazing
The T-Mobile Samsung E350 uses the new hi-fi ring tone technology called "polyphonic". Its obvious that a great deal of research has gone into making the most of the amazing sound quality, the clarity and loudness of the sound at full volume simply defies belief.

Wireless Bluetooth
Be part of this ever growing technology they call Bluetooth. Bluetooth allows your World Cup Samsung E370 to communicate with other Bluetooth devices up to 10m away. You can connect to printers, headsets and even computers, without the use of wires!

The T-Mobile World Cup Samsung E370 supports MMS (Multimedia Message Service) for Multimedia text messaging. This new technology allows you to send sounds, pictures, animations and formatted text in your message. These messages can then be exchanged between friends and family with MMS enabled mobile phones

Mobile Internet
Incorporating the latest technology for WAP 2.0 mobile internet, you can use WAP to access a range of information from the Internet, via your E370,s, high-resolution display, including news, travel and information.

As the T-Mobile World Cup Samsung E370 supports GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), you will be able to take advantage of this virtually permanent data connection, and you will only be charged for the amount of data that you transfer, and not the amount of time that you,re online.

Java technology
Thanks to Java technology, you can further enhance your T-Mobile Samsung E370 mobile phone with interactive, vibrant games, which can be downloaded and stored in the handset. They are easy to delete, so you don,t have to worry about cluttering up your memory.

Almost everyone has downloaded wallpapers and ring tones to their mobile phone at some time, and now with this added Java technology, this should provide hours of fun and entertainment for everyone.

The T-Mobile Samsung E370 also supports video recording as well as plays back video and MP3 files just like a PC with a full range of entertainment options. Fitted with a 60-minute recording capacity, users will be able to capture more of nature,s brilliance or life,s experiences and share the visions and memories in living colour.

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Photo Gallery
Samsung SGH E370 photo 1
Samsung SGH E370 photo 2
Samsung SGH E370 photo 3
Samsung SGH E370 photo 4
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