Game Review - Combo Crew

June 4, 2013
by Nigel Chew

While brawlers have been around for a while, the lack of actual buttons to mash on a mobile screen might be dissatisfying to some. Combo Crew hopes to get you to stick around with its gesture controls and presentation.


With the cell shading, the game appears to be like a living cartoon. With the detailed backgrounds, it makes the relatively simplistic characters stand out. Despite the fast movement, the graphics remain crisp and smooth.


Swipe your fingers around the screen to move and to execute a move. You can charge up attacks to knock enemies about as well. An exclamation point will warn you about an enemy’s move, which you can then counter. Moving your fingers in a specific direction chain will execute a combo, but you are unable to counter during it. A power meter also fills up for special moves. Gold from enemies can buy boosts, character perks or new combos, and you’d likely spend much time during the campaign or endless modes available. Multiplayer simply means having buddies drop in when you need them to, and doesn’t make them play live.


Smooth controls and great graphics with good gameplay make an excellent combination. The game can still be solo’ed though it’s better with friends, but nevertheless doesn’t detract much from a solid game. 

4 out of 5 stars