Samsung's market presence in China is being bolstered by the Galaxy S10

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

According to industry insider, Ice Universe, the market share Samsung has in China has quadrupled since the start of 2019 thanks in part to the Galaxy S10. In January 2019, the company had a mere 1% share, before seeing it grow to 3.6% between 4 March 2019 and 10 March 2019.

The launch of the device on 8 March 2019 in China has reportedly outperformed sales of last year's flagship by massive figures. The number of Galaxy S10 and S10+ units sold within the first two hours of pre-orders allegedly equaled to the double of sales achieved by the Galaxy S9 and S9+ during the first day. Samsung's share in the country is expected to grow in the coming months, bolstered not only by the Galaxy S10 but also its large portfolio of mid-range offerings. With much competition locally, the company went back to the drawing board to offer customers in China with unique.

It would be interesting if this new strategy and turn of events will last the company, from the look of things, Samsung will do alright.

Source: Financial Times